Sunday, August 22, 2010

Glogster EDU

Glogster Edu is a terrific platform for creating multimedia collages.  Because Glogs are basically online posters, Glogster is an ideal resource for easily moving from a traditional classroom assignment (old-fashioncard cardboard posters) to a new 21st century technology that will excite and engage students.

Glogster Edu eliminates any questionable content that might be found on the original Glogster platform, and provides teachers with a virtual classroom space in which they can manage the accounts of up to 200 students. Students can use Glogster tools, web-based content, and their own video, photo, or audio content to create informative and original glogs on any topic. The possibilities for learning and creativity  are endless! Glogster Edu has also partnered with another of my favorite technology integration resources, VoiceThread, to allow integration of VoiceThread content in Glogs.

Once you register for a free basic glogster account, you can search for glogs by category and mark any of them as favorites for future use.  There are many glogs, created by both students and teachers, that are publicly available and potentially useful for classroom lessons.  A sample glog that I created for a workshop I taught this summer is here.  You'll notice that I've included video and photo images, and several interactive links.

Glogster is easy to learn, and easy to use.  Here's a tutorial that covers the basics for getting started with your own teacher account:

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