Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get Ready to Integrate!

This article in Education World offers 10 tips for integrating technology in your classroom. Developed by members of the Education World "Tech Team," there's some good advice here for teachers with goals for introducing technology in their classrooms during the school year.  My personal tip is to to take a chance.  Technology can be unpredictable, which is exactly what most teachers want to avoid.  But if you are willing try out a new technology, and let the students work along with you when there are unexpected glitches, you may find that the reward is worth the risk. 

Education World's Tips for Tech Integration
10. Gain perspective.
9. Get organized.
8. Take a course.
7. Network with peers.
6. Explore the literature.
5. Experiment with software.
4. Install timesaving technology.
3. Create a classroom climate.2. Punch up existing lessons.
1. Prepare something new.


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