Friday, September 30, 2011

SMART Notebook Express

SMART Notebook Express is a free online utility that provides a way to view, save, and interact with SMART Notebook files, even if you don't have a SMARTBoard in your classroom, or a licensed version of SMART Notebook Software. This is a great solution for school districts that have mutliple platforms for interactive whiteboards. Educators can now easily and freely share files online, or, if not freqently connected to the Internet, download a free version of SMART Notebook Express to their own computer. With just a computer and a projector teachers can display SMART Notebook files that were previously only accessible to classrooms equipped with a SMARTBoard. Best of all, SMART Notebook Express allows educators to access and download the extensive library of lessons available on SMART Exchange. While not all features of the lessons will work with Notebook Express, the ability to share SMART lessons across multiple platforms and without a significant investment in interactive whiteboard technologies is a tremendous benefit. Click here to begin opening and creating your own Notebook files.

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