Wednesday, January 28, 2015

9 Quick Tips for Taking Ownership of Your PD

There are some sound suggestions here for leveraging technology and the talent of your colleagues to manage professional learning.  9 Quick Tips for Taking Ownership of Your PD

Tapping into the knowledge that exists in your own school building, and expanding your professional network with Twitter or other social media can provide learning opportunities to match most off-site conferences.  The recent Professional Learning Day at ABRSD on January 16, and my own colleagues' effective use of Google Plus and Twitter, are more than enough to convince me that I have excellent local access to PD!

Two of my favorite suggestions offered by this Edutopia post are to use the DocScan app for capturing evidence of professional development, and using Twitter hashtags to focus on specific topics. #gafe is a great source for updates, support, forums, and lesson plans on Google Apps for Education.