Friday, August 7, 2015

Should We Teach Keyboarding?

Last month I had the pleasure of working on a committee of educators from my district to discuss the complex and often controversial issue of teaching our students to type.  Over a two-day period we poured over current research and debated why, when, and how to teach keyboarding skills to elementary school students.  Bringing a diverse range of perspectives and teaching experiences, these educators and I quickly reached consensus on the value of keyboarding, and agreed that preparing students for online assessments is just one part of the overall rationale.

Ultimately, we identified as a primary curriculum, and Dance Mat Typing as a solid supplemental resource. We developed an implementation plan that can be adapted by all six of the elementary schools in our district, and are hopeful that a consistent, coherent approach to teaching keyboarding will benefit our students now and in the future.  You can read our entire report, along with the research consulted, here.