Monday, January 11, 2016

Multimedia Posters & Presentations with Thinglink

thinklink.pngAlso available on the web (so accessible by computer and Chromebook users too), Thinglink allows the creation of interactive images that can be used as multimedia posters and presentations. You simply upload any image, and use the Thinglink tools to tag and embed anything from the web, including videos.
Thinglink.JPG In Ms. Melbourne’s class at the Gates school, grade 5 students used the free Thinglink App to demonstrate their understanding of the water cycle by tagging each step in an image of the cycle with photos that they took themselves from the school surroundings, and web-based images (because apparently they couldn’t find any icebergs in Acton). Once the Thinglinks are saved, they can be shared via a link or embedded in a website.  Ms. Mel’s students were clearly engaged by their ability to share and create an interactive poster for their science project.

Teachers can also use Thinglinks, to deliver interactive educational content to students, or to share classroom activities with families.  Click here to see a Thinglink I made for Kindergarten students to use for independent learning. By embedding it on my webpage, I basically leveraged Thinglink as a K-friendly online research tool.

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